Bathroom Renovations Suggestions for Perth Homeowners

Posted by Elina Kandiso on 25th July 2014 in Bathroom Design

Have you neglected to update your bathroom for many years? Or have you finally realised that such a move can help increase the value your home? Well in that case, you need consider remodelling your bathroom. Perhaps, bathroom renovation can give you a lot of advantages, not only on the aesthetics of your home but as well as the comfort it can bring to you.

Bathroom renovations Perth

As a homeowner, you probably have understood how important your bathroom is. If you’re tired and stressed out because of a long day, a comfortable bathroom helps a lot in rejuvenating your energy by simply bathing yourself under a cold shower. Not only that; having a newly renovated bathroom also helps when you have family or friends staying over at your home. It is always a room that can impress your visitor!

There are many styles and themes to choose from if you would like to refurbish your bathroom. This decision is obviously on you so you need to use your creativity so that you will be able to transform your bathroom into something that fits your personal taste and preferences. You can click here if you would like to learn about refurbishing a bathroom the professional way.

Once you already decided what theme or style you want your new bathroom to have, then you are now ready to work on your budget. Money is perhaps the most important factor during bathroom renovations. Luckily, the cost of this project can be minimised with the help of bathroom renovators. They normally charge on service package so you they can make your bathroom stunningly beautiful, but in the lowest possible cost.

17 DIY Bathroom Hacks to Make Your Experience Less Crappy

Posted by Elina Kandiso on 5th February 2016 in Bathroom Cleaning


When it comes to bathroom, organisation and cleanliness is extremely important. Not only is it one of the most visited and most used areas of your home, but it is also used by people to judge your personality. So when it comes to keeping your entire home clean means every part of your home, including your bathroom should be kept clean and organised.

If you leave your bathroom cluttered and messy, it can leave you many problems. When you fail to clean your bathroom often, it can cause bacteria and fungi to accumulate in your room causing different kinds of diseases and illness. These pathogens can cause colds, cough, or severer illness such as skin diseases and others.

Another reason why you need to keep your bathroom clean is for the safety of your family members and visitors using the bathroom. If you leave your objects inside your bathroom cluttered, they might cause accidents especially when you have sharp and dangerous items. You need to keep the room organised especially when you have kids or elderly living with you.

In addition to the mentioned reasons why you need to keep your bathroom clean and organised, one benefit of having a clean bathroom is that locating your items becomes a lot easier compared when you have a cluttered one.

Bathroom cleaning can be a daunting task, but fortunately Mashable published an article that can help you make this task easier.

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